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Hello, I’m Jessica Barnett

More than anything else, I love finding new ways to express myself creatively. I spent years crafting physical projects in many different mediums before moving into the digital realm. In the last decade, I moved from using my computer for design to using it to write code.

Today I am an Assistant Teaching Professor at Arizona State University in the Graphic Information Technology Program, focused on front-end web development and project management. My education focused on web design and development, with a secondary focus in software engineering. My professional and school work has been focused on writing clean, accessible code to create web pages focused on user and client goals.

I am always eager to learn something new, and one of my favorite things about technology is that it is always evolving, usually for the better. I love being a part of that evolution.


Web and graphic design to meet your needs


From wireframes to implementation


Clean, responsive, user-friendly websites


Working with clients to create for users